Love is in the vines, and the pressure is on to show your significant other how much they mean to you. This year, instead of the classic candlelit dinner for two, the single red rose or that special cellared bottle, we’ve pulled together some wine-themed ideas for the oenophile you love.


Give them a gift with a twist

Got enough glassware to satiate a party of twelve? Or perhaps your partner would appreciate some personalised wineglasses that are picnic-proof – perfect for sneaking drinks into a moonlit cinema. To brighten up their workday, you could forgo the traditional flowers with this wine bouquet. Or, for something that’s a bit quirky but still refined, this hand-blown decanter will prove quite the centrepiece of the table.

Perfect for drinking our newly released 2015 Shiraz out of…


 Honour their tastes with an evening of matched flavours

Whether you’re opposites who attracted, or two halves of the same soul, there’s few things more likely to bring you together (or remind you of the passion!) than sharing food. And what better food to share than cheese, the soul mate of wine? Of course, there are dozens of romantic nooks and ambient dining rooms to enjoy dairy delights across Australia, but here are our favourites in each state capital:

65 Northbourne, CBD - Canberra, ACT

The Stinking Bishops, Newtown - Sydney, NSW

Milk the Cow, Carlton / St Kilda – Melbourne, VIC

Fromage the Cow, Milton – Brisbane, QLD

Mother Vine, CBD – Adelaide, SA

Must, Highgate – Perth, WA

Wine Bar Mona, Berriedale – Hobart,TAS

Stone House, CBD – Darwin, NT



 Milk the Cow - St Kilda and Carlton, Victoria


Or compete to create the best pairing

Can’t make it to the big city, or fancy something a bit more interactive? Set your own wine pairing challenge! Choose the wines together; agree on a number of cheeses and accompaniments (savoury and sweet) each, and head to separate stores, delis, or farmers markets. Once home, keep the goodies hidden until the big night, and see who can create the most sensational mouthful of flavours. We’ll leave you to decide how to award the winner.

You might want to consult the Australian Dairy Industry’s official Cheese Pairing Guide for some inspiration.


Go classic, and pair your wine with a meal

 We’ve previously written a guide to matching our hearty reds with wholesome meals. Perhaps you might want to go for something a bit more known for its aphrodisiac qualities; like a delicate Chablis or Champagne with some natural oysters. For the less accomplished chef, wanting to show thanks for another year of meals, try a simple risotto that has wine both in it and alongsideit. Opt for a dry Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. For a totally decadent treat, skip straight to pudding. Fortified wines make a rich pairing with chocolate desserts, whilst a throaty red Shiraz balances a fruity pavlova or cheesecake.


 Curtis Stone: Asparagus and Parmesan Risotto 


And for a celebration that lasts longer than Valentine’s Day

To treat your other half with as much care as a 19th Century Chateau Margaux, whisk them away on a wine-themed getaway. From a limousine tour of Margaret River wineries, to a helicopter tour of the Hunter Valley, Australia’s vineyards are rich in boutique hotels, charming B&Bs and enticing activities perfect for a weekend getaway. So rich, in fact, that we’ve created our own guide to the wine regions of Australia, soon to be released!