Adopt a vine, experience the best of winemaking

Making wine is no mean feat. Before the grapes are even picked, the land must be prepared, vines must be planted, trimmed, tied and maintained. Then there’s the winemaking: the crushing, the aging, and the bottling. It’s a long process, so it’s little wonder that most people leave it to the professionals. But imagine being able to dip your toe into the world of the winery, without having to get your hands dirty? Enter, the brand new Bigibila vine adoption scheme. We love to share the story of our wines with our extended family, so the next logical step is to invite those fine drinkers, sippers and swillers to get involved. Bigibila’s adopt-a-vine program is about inviting vinos to learn more about viticulture. It offers serious drinkers a chance to get grounded. It’s a chance to learn more about where the wine comes from – whilst getting access to some goodies, too.


Learn more about the roots of wine

As someone who enjoys a fine wine, you’ll be sure to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Bigibila. By adopting a vine, you get a new perspective, as you’ll be given regular updates on your vine. Think of it as a front row seat to watch the process of vine to wine. You can get stuck into the process from the comfort of a sofa or sun lounger. Seasonal progress reports will let you watch buds burst into grapes, ripen and head to the shed to be made into wine. In an age of mass-production, adopting a vine encourages mindful consumption. Understand the process, and you may well learn a bit more about how we’re trying to grow in tune with our environment here in the Pyrenees.


Give a gift with meaning behind it

Wine is one of those wonderful gifts that can be both an object and an experience. If you choose to adopt-a-vine, you get to combine the best of both. Celebrate an occasion or a person with something that has meaning – you can choose the varietal and row number or location of your row. This is perfect to mark a special date, or birthday. It’s a dynamic present that you can interact with, and experience over time. It symbolises growth. And every year, on the anniversary of your adoption, you get an exclusive 12-bottle case of wine made using fruit from your row. If you like, you can customise those labels. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – and ages well.


What’s in it for you?

So you get to leave the growing to the professionals and enjoy the fruits of our labour. You don’t have to worry about any of the administration, or front line duties of running a vineyard. But as a new member of our growing Bigibila family, we want to give you a bit more than that. After all, in adopting a vine, you’re investing in our land. We want to thank you for that. Think of it as a reward for enjoying our wine. We’ll put a plaque on your vine, to commemorate your commitment, and take you on a tour of the vines and rest of the winery each year. You’ll get a custom keyring, and the opportunity to visit your vines through the seasons. All that’s up to you is to choose your varietal and which row suits you. Fill out the form and leave the rest to us – we can’t wait to share a glass of your first vintage at our cellar door.

If you are interested in adopting a vine, please visit for more details.