How does Afterpay work

 In case you don’t keep an eye on online shopping payments methods, Afterpay is like the new layby purchase, except you get the item you’re paying for straight away, rather than waiting until you’ve paid it off.

Sign up for an Afterpay account, link it to your credit or debit card and make the initial payment. Four fortnightly repayments are then taken automatically over two months. The best part? No interest! A full explanation is here.

How does Afterpay work with wine

Afterpay makes it easy to buy a case of quality wine, without having to pay upfront. By buying a case directly from Bigibila, you’re supporting a boutique business and still reaping the benefits of discounts. With a six bottle case including one free bottle, and a dozen coming with two bottles free, it’s a win-win situation!

Using Afterpay for wine is budget-friendly

Starting a wine collection can seem daunting. By offering Afterpay, you only pay for 1-2 bottles each week; similar to the speed you drink it. It’s the same cost of buying wine semi-regularly, with the added convenience of having a cellar stocked with quality wine.

As wine is often part of your ad hoc treat spending, chunking it down into regular payments makes it easier to manage and plan around. This gives you the benefit of a wine collection without the upfront investment. Whether you’ve forgotten a birthday, or are throwing an spontaneous dinner party, having a surplus of good wine rarely causes a problem.

Using Afterpay for wine supports small businesses

It’s difficult for boutique vineyards like Bigibila to compete with big business; after all, buying in bulk allows discounts to be passed on to customers. By enabling Afterpay, we can offer you the discount of larger quantities, in a manageable way.


Not to forget that special fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting a local business!


Using Afterpay is simple and risk-free

Not only are Afterpay payments interest-free and at no cost to the customer, there are no credit checks. Payments don’t affect your credit score.


For the novice starting a collection, or the sommelier in the making, offering Afterpay is a secure and flexible solution to wine buying. We hope it makes it taste that little bit richer!


And if you have the means or would rather invest upfront, we have our wine club, with flexible membership terms.