With a brand new label to promote, we at Bigibila find we are lacking in photos of people enjoying our wine. We would love to see photos of our customers in a natural environment drinking Bigibila wine and having a great time.


    We are offering a 6 Bottle Box of 2008 Bigibila wine, (Shiraz, Cab Sav and Harmony) to the best photo.

The photo must be of a person or people holding or drinking a glass of Bigibila, and must have a Bigibila bottle in the picture somewhere. Apart from that we will leave it up to your imagination!


We will run the competition until 31st October and announce the winner here in our newsletter, on our website and on Facebook/Instagram. We will let the winner know by email.

Please send your photos to info@bigibila.com

*We would love to use the winning photo and other entries in our marketing material and on social media. If you do not want us to use your shots please advise us in the email that you submit your photo in.


*Please make your photo subjects aware that we may publish the photos online, in social media and in marketing material.


*All entrants must be 18 years of age or older!


Thank you and Good Luck!!!