Hi and welcome to the June installment of the Bigibila Blog!


    This month has seen us start pruning the grapevines. We began in the Merlot where we are cane pruning, and will continue onto the Cabernet Franc before tackling the bigger blocks of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a big job in cold and wet conditions, but enjoyable and peaceful and has allowed us to get to know the vines more intimately.


We picked our pumpkins from the    garden with a final count of One   Hundred and Sixty!! We have several    varieties, including Queensland Blues,    Butternut and some heritage species we   experimented with. The Queensland Blues were a pleasant surprise, they are    large and sweet, perfect for soups and    roasts, and grew the largest numbers.



We have continued work on the new shed. The wet weather (though ever appreciated) presented challenges as the ground around the worksite turned to sloshy mud then flooded completely. Our gumboots have been put to the leak test every day!


       Bo the bloodhound had a visitor for the school holidays, Lulu the Pomeranian-toy poodle. Although there is a big size difference between them, they are the best of friends. They have enjoyed running, playing and generally going crazy together for seven days straight, we expect they will both sleep for a week when she goes home!


*Bo and Lulu in their matching Swandri winter coats.


    Please check out our photography competition if you are handy with a camera! The details are on the home page of our website, www.bigibila.com. There is a delicious case of 6 bottles of Bigibila wine to be won, a perfect companion for these cold winter nights!

Love the Bigibila Crew