Hi! Welcome to the first installment of our blog/newsletter ‘On the Farm’.


The rolling green hills of the Pyrenees ranges are a sight for sore eyes. After a long hot summer/autumn, winter has hit Moonambel with a vengence. Athough the cold is biting, you will not find a farmer around these parts not happy with the rain we’ve been getting. The tanks are full and the dams are filling, and there’s nothing better on a cold winter’s night than lounging in front of the fire with a lovely glass of red wine to warm the bones.


In the foothills of the Pyreneses you will find Bigibila. It has been a HUGE first half of the year for us. We have launched our website, introduced our new label, completed the perimiter fencing and delighted in the latest member of our family, Bo the Bloodhound.  Bo is the most loving and kind natured dog, we are all a little obsessed with him so expect regular updates of his shenanigans around the farm. We hope he will one day be a perfect mascot lying on the future Cellar Door veranda, but first we will have to train him to stop chasing cars off the property!


We at Bigibila are embarking on an adventure which will eventually see the property become a fully sustainable farm, featuring bigger vineyards, a winery, a cellar door and various accommodation for our guests to come to stay at and enjoy the farm as much as we do. Beside the obvious vineyards, the farm has olive groves, veggie gardens and fruit orchards, 26 Boer goats, 12 Pilgrim geese, 5 chooks and Bo. We plan to expand on our crops and gardens as well as increase the number of our existing animals and breed some others too – pigs are next on the agenda!


We are in the midst of completing our current big project at Bigibila - a new (huge!) farm shed which will hold a workshop and large storage areas. It will be our work base for when we start our even bigger projects later in the year, including the Cellar Door and accommodation. This was just one of the enormous concrete semi trailers bought in to pour the slab.


We would love for you to join us on our adventure and keep in touch by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribing to our Newsletter. We may offer you special deals as they come up, but we promise not to bombard you with annoying advertisements! We will also keep you informed of upcoming events that we are involved with as well as what is happening in the Pyrenees community.


Signing off now with a couple of cute shots of Bo. The first was when he was just a little pup sharing his lunch with the chooks. In the second he is dozing off while having a read!


Love the Bigibila Crew