Rarely do people complain about having too much wine around. Whether you’ve had an unexpected dinner guest, or you’re in need of some red-wine-in-bubble-bath hygge, a house is generally happier with a well-stocked cellar.


To keep your collection topped up with wines, we offer a Wine Club. But, much like our inspired range of reds and our vineyard-first philosophy, our Wine Club is a bit more than regular wine deliveries.


Introducing Bigibila’s Cellar Club


You see, at Bigibila, we put more than just wine into our bottles. We put in hours of time, hard work, and a very real passion for winemaking  - and we think that reflects in the taste.


And we want to make it very easy for you to taste these wines of ours. Effortless, in fact. Our Cellar Club offers the convenience of online shopping, without even having to make a choice.


Acting as your personal wine concierge, we will send you six or a dozen bottles as regularly as you like, at a discounted members rate. Offering a mixed selection of current and Museum releases, we take into consideration your preferences, dislikes, or even your favourite meals. All you have to do is wait for them to arrive – and try not to drink them all at once!


Even if you do find yourself running low, members have exclusive access to our back vintages and private collection, at the same friendly discount.


An invitation to the Bigibila family


We do wine well, but our Cellar Club is more than just wines. It’s an invitation to join our clan.


Whilst our Cellar Door is still under construction, the Cellar Club is a taste of the experience we will soon be offering to the general public, with some exclusive extras. From a guided tour of the winery when you visit our Cellar Door, to an extra special birthday bottle of wine, members of our Club get unparalleled access to Bigibila.


And when our cellar door does open? It’ll launch with a party for friends, family, and, you guessed it, Cellar Club members.


Wine, after all, is not just a drink. As noted by Alexander Fleming, founder of penicillin: “Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy.”


Wine carries emotion, love, and passion. And we hope that you’ll receive a little slice of the passion we put into our bottles by joining our family.


We look forward to seeing you here.


Wine Club Members